UPCS Inspection Services & REAC Inspection Audit Assistance

Inspections the McCright Way: Fast, Efficient, and Complete

McCright delivers the experience, technology, and staff to conduct proper inspections quickly and efficiently. The McCright UPCS inspection program is objective, consistent, and comprehensive. The technology emulates REAC scoring protocols and provides fast, clear, and concise reports. Reports are available in spreadsheet format to allow for easy property and deficiency analysis.


Comprehensive Training for UPCS Inspectors Delivers the Difference

McCright’s training program combines classroom instruction with field training to optimize inspector knowledge and build a positive, professional PHA image. The McCright training team is comprised of experts in HUD/PIH-REAC Physical Inspection Protocol and extensive practical experience.


Training includes:

•  Areas of Inspection

•  Field Training
•  Inspector Behavior

•  REAC Scoring System

•  UPCS Technical Inspection Criteria

“I was pleased with McCright's presentation, and the way your presenter delivered his material. He went out of his way to customize his material for our needs. He did a wonderful job.” --Inspections Manager, Northwest Housing Authority


UPCS Inspection Software Licensing

McCright offers technology solutions for PHA conducting their own inspections. Data collected on the handheld device is transferred to the web-based McCright UPCS system, which automatically scores results and generates a complete property profile.  Clients utilizing McCright’s UPCS software have the tools to prioritize maintenance dollars.


REAC Inspection Audit Preparation: We Can Help!

McCright has extensive experience assessing UPCS conditions and offering constructive advice in preparation for REAC inspections. Inspectors from McCright work in conjunction with maintenance staff and housing managers to solve the issues that most affect REAC scores. Our industry-leading inspectors evaluate every aspect of your properties for the best possible REAC inspection result.


REAC Inspection Audit Monitoring: How to Protect Your Interests

REAC inspections are a dynamic process with multiple decisions made through the inspection day. Even one mistake or misclassification can have huge financial implications. HUD recommends staff accompany the REAC inspector to ensure they conduct a proper inspection and that their records accurately reflect the property condition. McCright experts trained in REAC inspection monitoring protect PHA interest ensuring proper classification and coding. The best way to protect your interests and ensure objective interpretation during the REAC audit process is by partnering with the McCright team.


REAC Inspection Audit Responses: Getting a More Favorable Result

Following a REAC inspection, PHAs have the right to respond to the reports and seek a more favorable finding. McCright will help your PHA produce REAC inspection audit responses and has substantial experience in responding to REAC inspector audits. McCright prepares a complete package of documentation to support an appeal or technical review and ensure you get the best outcome possible.