Cost Efficiency

Are inspections devouring your budget?


Are you paying for overhead instead of production?


Will audit findings impact your funding?


McCright Gives You Firm Control of Your Costs.


Now you have access to decades of cost-saving experience – and to tools and resources designed specifically to give you real control of your expenses and resources. McCright implements the careful planning, consistent monitoring, and efficient processes are the keys to maximizing SEMAP results while containing other costs for high-performing PHAs like yours.

High Standards and Big Savings: You Can Have It All

McCright has created tools for you to manage the daily details related to HQS inspections, rent reasonableness, and UPCS inspections with the highest standard of excellence and the lowest possible cost. Our experienced team and proven technology allows your PHA to focus on the other elements of your business, knowing all of these costs are under control. You will save money on inspections. Here’s why: Housing authorities completing inspections in house incur all of the overhead costs associated with providing timely inspections and high-quality customer service year round, regardless of volume fluctuations. With McCright, you only pay for the production you need, and your customer service requirements will be reduced because McCright handles all HQS notification and results correspondence and fields calls from participants and property owners for you.

Consider all the ways your PHA can save money, time and resources by:


…Maximizing SEMAP. Hiring McCright & Associates allows your PHA to enhance customer service and save money – lots of money – by maximizing your SEMAP performance.

…Printing less. With McCright’s Document Warehouse your PHA can dramatically reduce the number of documents you print. You have ready access to required documentation for HUD audits and HQS enforcement through McCright’s online system whenever you need it.

…Letting McCright make reminder calls. We use an inspection reminder system that decreases missed appointments. You’ll pay for fewer inconclusive inspections and use less staff time on HQS enforcement.

…Traveling efficiently. McCright uses a logistical process that allows our HQS Inspectors to travel fewer miles per inspection. This extra planning reduces costs and increases inspector availability.


As a McCright Client, You Call the Shots, and You Get the Savings.

Professionals like you are constantly helping McCright improve its products and processes. Because of that constant feedback and continuous improvement over two decades, we are seeing agency after agency report outstanding success. To find out how much you can save, take the McCright Challenge here


Don’t Leave Money on the Table. And Never Fear Another Audit.

Following every HUD guideline is essential in making sure your agency receives all of the funding you deserve. McCright & Associates has the most in-depth understanding of the Housing Choice Voucher Program and REAC available in the market today. From quicker lease-ups to improved utilization…from confidence that HQS enforcement requirements are met to ensuring quality assurance inspections are complete: the McCright team can make sure that your funding is protected. This is the one sure way to never fear a HUD audit again!


The Best Value Comes with Experience.

After 3,000,000 inspections, McCright knows this business and knows how to save you money. Speak to a McCright counselor today and discover how easy it is to put us to work for you: (423) 267-1300.