Customer Care

Have you ever been told, “No one answers your phones”?


Are your Owners frustrated by long lease-up times?


Are your Participants stressed over delays in moving?


Pass your problems to McCright.


Here’s Your Key to Exceptional Service for Both Owners and Participants

Building a top-quality image in the community is a big challenge for public housing agencies. McCright understands your frustrations in communicating with all the people involved in the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) process.  All day long, everyone wants something different.  Our highly trained customer service staff excels at these issues every day.  We know the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program inside and out.  When you partner with McCright, you get access to a team of trained specialists who get results for your subsidized housing programs and reduce agency call volumes by as much as 50%.

With advanced wireless connectivity, smart computer technology, and a staff that’s committed to your success, McCright can handle all of your headaches from now on.

“The professionalism and efficiencies they display are remarkable.  In terms of inspections, they are extremely consistent; their attitudes are positive and constructive.  In terms of administration, they are on top of all their dates for inspections, contract negotiations, and all other matters.  Due to the competence at McCright, it has allowed our company to grow our portfolio and have tenants who participate in the Section 8 program move into some of the most well kept, quality housing in the City.” --Midwest Property Owner


Public Housing Agencies partnering with McCright enjoy these benefits:


Fully Staffed Multilingual Call Center

Is there simply not enough staff to handle your incoming calls?  Are the volumes especially overwhelming at certain times of the day?   McCright answers – and that’s the first step to a satisfied customer.  In McCright’s call center, a human voice quickly answers incoming calls in the caller’s preferred language.  Most issues are resolved during that first call – because McCright’s trained counselors understand the HCV program and have the information and technology at their fingertips to immediately answer questions and solve problems. Agencies notice an immediate reduction in call traffic, often seeing declines of over 50%.


"I just wanted to commend McCright on your Call Center phone system. I was impressed by the traffic control features including the precise estimated wait time in minutes and seconds! I never had seconds quoted during a wait time. Also you indicated a customer's position in queue, which is equally impressive. Kudos to you!!" --New Jersey Property Owner


Fast Lease-Ups

Bringing new properties into the program can be time-consuming and difficult for participants and owners.  Not for McCright’s clients: Our process can reduce the time between RFTA submission and rent negotiation to five days or less. McCright manages inspector resources so efficiently that initial inspections are performed within 72 hours after the property is ready. The day after the property passes, McCright’s rent reasonableness staff prepares a comprehensive comparability study and negotiates the rent, clearing the way for an executed contract.

“Our lease-up times quickly went from more than 45 days to less than 8.” --Midwest Housing Authority Administrator

Notification and Result Letters

McCright takes the hassle out of the notification process by generating and mailing all required letters.  Your PHA’s specific letter wording is integrated to ensure you communicate the right message to the right recipients.  McCright archives every letter and 52580 inspection packet for easy access during enforcement actions or audits.


"I use the reports warehouse all the time now - how convenient! I do appreciate you and also wanted to pass along a good word for Jamie, Sonya and Emma who are always so helpful.  Thanks again." -- Sanford Housing Authority

Appointment Reminder System

Fewer missed appointments: McCright’s automated call system reminds clients of their appointments a day ahead of time.  It’s another efficiency that saves time, reduces costs and alleviates frustration, making your team’s job a little easier.


Online Inspection Results for Owners and Participants

McCright’s secure, state-of-the art web tool allows owners and participants easy access to their inspection status online.  Owners get more time for repairs within the SEMAP-designated re-inspection timeframe.

Other online resources for participants and owners include: A Good Place to Live, sample 52580-As, the HCV Manual, and a list of the most common inspection deficiencies.  Visit our full library here.


Local Presence with a Local Call

The McCright customer service center is an extension of the housing authority.  

“You guys are super great over there!!  Thanks so much for your efforts to accommodate the family’s need.” --Southwestern Housing Authority

HQS Enforcement

Many housing authorities find themselves overwhelmed with tracking inspection-related enforcement requirements.   The sheer volume of data alone makes HQS enforcement a nightmare.  McCright can help.  The eMIMS™ tool helps PHA staff enforce compliance more efficiently by seamlessly highlighting the records that require attention. The result: substantial PHA resource savings and an HQS enforcement process that’s streamlined and complete.


HUD-Compliant Rent Reasonableness

Is your rent reasonableness process unreasonable?  McCright’s dedicated staff of experts has a streamlined solution designed for you.  Our proven Rent Reasonableness Process uses a sophisticated model to incorporate all of HUD’s nine variables to produce a compliant report you can trust.  Using the appropriate HUD-compliant comparative model, McCright ensures fair rents for your housing authority and includes an objective and codified appeal process. The rent determination process can take less than a day, ensuring fast lease-ups for owners and participants. When necessary, McCright handles the negotiation, too.  PHAs partnering with us experience cost reductions of more than 50% with results delivered in one business day.  This performance improves your image in the community as being fast, efficient, and attentive to client relationships.

McCright’s Rent Reasonableness = Fast Lease Ups = Happy Owners


The Practical Experience to Handle Your Problems

Every housing agency faces many types of customer-service challenges. What are yours? McCright & Associates has the experience and trained staff necessary to conquer all of the daily challenges that frustrate your staff, Participants, and Property Owners. Tell us where we can help you, and we’ll tailor a plan to get outstanding results—and save you time and money!