Rent Reasonableness - Rent Determinations

Rent Reasonableness: Accurate and Fast Results

McCright’s unique system combines an experienced team with sophisticated software to provide a cost effective and compliant Rent Reasonableness solution that you cannot find anywhere. McCright explores all nine HUD comparison criteria so you can count on an accurate and timely rent comparison reports.

This is the single best way to drive significant cost savings. Combining this service with McCright’s HQS Inspection services creates a turnkey program with greater cost reductions. McCright clients experience reduced lease-up times, greater owner and participant satisfaction, and total confidence in their compliance with all HUD regulatory requirements.


The Right Comparisons – and the Customizations You Need

McCright’s Rent Reasonableness Report uses a property appraisal model that compares the subject property to three comparable properties. This data is extracted from an extensive database and makes adjustments based on HUD’s nine comparability measures. McCright customizes reports to comply with any other PHA specific protocols.

An Up-to-Date Comparables Database

McCright’s Rent Reasonableness service includes creation and maintenance of a comparables database. Comparable properties are collected using a variety of data collection methods. All comparables are independently verified prior to use, and records must be less than 12 months old to be used in McCright Rent Reasonableness studies.


Rent Determination and Negotiation

McCright’s Rent Reasonableness service can extend to rent calculation and negotiation. McCright’s expert team has all the tools to quickly and accurately calculate rent and has extensive experience with owner negotiation.