HQS Inspection Services

The Full-Service HQS Inspection Solution

While meeting your budget goals, McCright delivers a practical HCVP inspection solutions to meet your PHA’s compliance objectives. McCright leverages field expertise with the tested technology of the unique McCright Inspection Management System (eMIMS™) to ensure a compliant outcome every time. McCright is the acknowledged industry expert in HQS, and all McCright inspections comply with Housing Quality Standards (Title 24 CFR 982), lead-based paint regulations (Title 24 CFR 35), and any additional requirements.

McCright is a full-service HCVP inspections firm, performing all the inspection responsibilities within the Housing Choice Voucher program with in-house staff and software. Anytime there is a concern or question, fast resolution is one quick call away.


Programs Customized for You

Every aspect of McCright’s HQS inspection program is fully customizable. From notification and result letters sent to Owners and Participants to the data we track, you approve every process and remain in control. The entire inspection program is developed to match your administration plan.


High-Tech Cost Savings

McCright maximizes technology to make the inspection process economical and efficient. McCright’s web-based system (eMIMS™) allows your PHA to access comprehensive inspection information 24/7 and 365 days a year. Using eMIMS™, your staff has 24 hour access to schedules, results, and histories by owner, participant, or unit. This seamless information flow saves money for you and improves service to your customers.


Comprehensive Inspection Solution

•    McCright’s state-of-the-art scheduling process ensures inspections occur quickly. Initial inspections happen less than three days after scheduling, and often the very next day.
“McCright’s inspection and rent determination process reduced our lease-up times from 45 days to 7 days.” --Section 8 Director: Midwestern Housing Authority
•    McCright’s notification process goes beyond the required letters. McCright adds pre-appointment reminder calls that reduce missed inspections and save money.
“McCright’s notification program gave us a 30% reduction in missed inspections.” --Section 8 Director: Northeastern Housing Authority
•    McCright inspectors undergo the most rigorous training in the industry. Each candidate must successfully complete classroom instruction, individual field training, and certification by team of experienced McCright training inspectors. In addition to HQS, McCright requires every inspector to learn customer service essentials and anger management techniques. This training isn’t just theory, it’s a practical toolkit designed for inspectors who are in the field every day serving your customers!
“Even after the initial training, McCright’s supervisors closely monitor all of their inspectors. The Quality Assurance program ensures a consistent, high-quality inspection experience.” --Executive Director: Mid-Atlantic Housing Authority
•    McCright’s bilingual customer service center uses innovative technology and dedicated customer service representatives. Calls are answered by knowledgeable professionals who answer questions and solve problems on the spot. We call that capability “once and done” – we want to satisfy callers with a complete answer the first time they call us.
“McCright’s full-service HQS inspection program reduced our call volume by more than 40%.” --Office Manager: Northeastern Housing Authority


HQS Inspection Information Services

eMIMS™, McCright’s industry-leading inspection management system, provides tools and delivers information your staff needs. It’s a web-based, advanced database that allows easy access to inspection schedules and results. eMIMS™ electronically exchanges inspection data with many popular voucher management systems. It puts specialized HQS enforcement tools right at your fingertips. It produces numerous inspection management reports designed specifically to assist McCright’s customers with SEMAP reporting and tracking, HQS enforcement, and inspection data analysis.


Document Warehouse

The Document Warehouse stores original electronic copies of all inspection documents including notification and results letters, HUD 52580s, Rent Reasonableness reports, and other associated documentation. The Document Warehouse is easily searchable by user-defined criteria and can produce complete inspection documentation packages at the push of a button. Best of all, McCright’s Document Warehouse can be your PHA’s virtual filing cabinet, eliminating the need for mountains of paper and walls of filing cabinets.



Results.McCright.com provides an online information portal for owners and participants to view inspection schedules and results. Personalized Results.McCright.com access information is contained on every piece of correspondence sent to property owners and tenants.


HQS Inspector Assessment and Training

McCright is an acknowledged industry leader in HQS inspections and offers a complete line of inspector assessment and training. Whether just an HQS overview, a tailored inspector remediation program, or a complete audit of inspection quality, McCright can design a program to meet your goal.


OIG HQS Inspection Audit Responses and Corrective Action Plans

HUD OIG Inspection Audits can be very challenging. PHA staff, already stretched thin, must spend huge amounts of time and effort developing responses to audit findings. McCright can be a valuable partner in this process, responding individually to audit inspection results and developing corrective action plans.