Can your agency track SEMAP compliance in real time?


Do you want to see all the SEMAP points related to inspections and rent reasonableness?


Are you fully confident when there’s an upcoming HCV audit or REAC inspection?


Compliance is Priority One.


As the leader in public housing services, McCright puts compliance first. We know what it takes to keep you compliant because we currently work with agencies managing over 150,000 Housing Choice Vouchers every year. We have specifically structured our professional services for complete compliance with the governing HUD directives. Any information an auditor requests, you can quickly find on the web through McCright’s extensive data and document organization system. McCright is your agency’s perfect partner for turning around a troubled program or finding the most effective way to maintain your high performer status.


The powerful compliance tools available from McCright include:


SEMAP Tracking Resources

The quality of your inspections and rent reasonableness determines your scores on five of SEMAP’s fourteen indicators – 50 potential SEMAP points. McCright’s systems are designed to help you achieve full compliance with all of these indicators. Our audit tools also give you resources to support SEMAP compliance in several other areas.


The Preeminent Tool for Inspection Tracking and Reporting

McCright’s custom inspection management and information system, eMIMS™, is the pubic housing industry’s single best tool for tracking the inspection process all the way from request to conclusion. Once your customized inspection requirements are integrated, we take everything from there. McCright assigns an exceptionally well-trained inspector to conduct all the required inspections in accordance with Housing Quality Standards, lead-based paint regulations, and your agency’s protocols. Because eMIMS™ is web-accessible, your agency enjoys anytime access to full inspection records of both scheduled and completed events and tools designed to assist your agency with inspection tracking, contract generation, HQS enforcement, documentation, and PIC 50058 reporting.


Rent Reasonableness Done Right: The Key to Faster Lease-Up Times

McCright is the only partner who gives you access to our unique, proprietary HCV Rent Reasonableness system. This exceptional resource uses the data collected during the inspection process to explore all nine of HUD’s comparability requirements and shorten your lease-up times. It has safeguards built in to ensure all reports contain accurate, complete, and current comparables. McCright maintains a robust, current comparable database through leading-edge data mining techniques. This is the system with proven performance in real audit situations! Protect your agency and shorten lease-up times with McCright’s commitment to rapid turnaround and excellent service throughout the Rent Reasonableness process.


Electronic Document Storage: Save Paper and Find Data When You Need It!

McCright’s Electronic Filing Cabinet indexes and electronically stores all inspection and rent reasonableness documents immediately after they are generated. You’ll no longer have any need to store cumbersome paper files full of letters, 52580 inspection booklets, and Rent Reasonableness forms. McCright maintains these documents in a secure, easily searchable, electronic storage environment that saves your agency floor space, printing costs, and the headache of trying to locate that one missing document the auditors always seem to want.


HQS and Tenant Obligation Enforcement Tools: Two Benefits in One

McCright’s eMIMS™ system contains the valuable tools you need to drive the accurate and timely placement and lifting of abatement and program termination conditions. These reports save your resources and increase your accuracy at the same time. Now there’s no longer a need to wade through every inspection record to determine if an HQS enforcement or tenant obligation action is warranted. McCright’s tools give you a streamlined way to focus on just the few records that meet your agency’s specified criteria. You can save a tremendous amount of time and greatly enhance the accuracy of your HQS enforcement activity, all with one tool!


Comprehensive Quality Assurance Programs: Quality in Action

Everyone talks about quality. When you partner with McCright, you get quality in action: practical performance excellence that shows up in every inspection and customer service interaction. We deliver those results through our comprehensive quality assurance (QA) programs that include structured monitoring of inspections, the customer service center, scheduling, and Rent Reasonableness. We measure accuracy, timeliness, completeness, documentation, and customer satisfaction and vastly exceed the QA requirements mandated by SEMAP in both scope and scale.

UPCS Inspections and REAC Consulting: Get Better REAC Results

McCright’s UPCS Inspection Services use an information and reporting system that emulates REAC scoring protocols. These services offer your agency the resources to perform annual UPCS Inspections and prepare for REAC Inspections at your publicly owned housing.

McCright’s REAC consultants conduct pre-inspections to identify problem areas prior to the arrival of the REAC inspectors. This process gives your agency the opportunity to substantially better your inspection results by directing your limited resources to areas most affected by the scoring protocols. In addition, McCright’s staff perform side-by-side monitoring of REAC inspectors to make sure all findings are properly classified and documented. McCright’s staff is experienced at composing and submitting the technical documentation that is so important to maintaining compliance for your agency and safeguarding your HUD funding.